Wish List

If you would like to donate anything on this list, please contact Christopher Steinmeier at chriss@naturalcreativity.org. Thank you!

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Wood — best are ¾” pine boards, anywhere from 1” to 12” wide, including old shelving; some plywood, masonite, homesote, pegboard can also be helpful. Please let us know what you have.

Hardware — especially hinges; also, corner braces, or odd pieces you don’t recognize that could be used for inventions

Boxes — any size that’s “smaller than a breadbox” and not cardboard (such as wood, metal, plastic, even glass).

Paint — latex interior paints, especially bright colors or white; acylics and watercolors for artwork

Tools — drill bits (especially small ones)

Fabric — especially larger pieces for sewing clothes, etc.

Thermometers — all types and sizes


Test tubes in a rack

Mechanical take-aparts — (as opposed to electronics with circuit boards), such as an old toaster, Something with gears, other devices of the type that people used to be able to repair on their own

Musical instruments — in good working order

Magnets — any size or shape

Electronic supplies — batteries, flashlight bulbs, small motors, switches, etc.

Books — If you have books that you no longer need and wish to pass along, we would be happy to accept them, keep the ones that fit our needs and pass along further those that do not. In general, we favor books that promote The Three Cs — Creativity, Compassion, and Collaboration.