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September 2019

Welcome Back | What We’ve Been Up To

“As many of you thoughtfully ask about our summer, I jokingly point to piles of stuff, both physical and digital, and reply that “you’re looking at it!” Put more concretely, the staff has put a lot of time, thought, and energy into honing our craft, reimagining the physical environment, and taking on large questions about why we do this work…” Read on…


JuLY 2019

Summer Edition | Saga of Snowflake

Under beautiful blue skies at Fort Washington State Park, NCC families gathered on June 14 to celebrate the end of the year. While parents and staff scratched their heads, thinking, “Where did the year go?” and “Since when did that young person grow four inches taller?”…


June 2019

Fran’s Corner | Year in Review

What set this year apart from other years? What do you want to keep next year from this year? What was your favorite activity this year? What was your favorite thing you did this year? If you could, what would you change about this year?


May 2019

A Dream Come True: Creative Sessions at NCC

As I stood at the make-shift easel in our Library during April 4’s Parents Meeting, I had the sense of a dream come true. A major component of the Natural Creativity vision was occurring before my eyes as a group of five parents and one staff member engaged in a creative process meeting.


April 2019

Collaborative Play and Parallel Play

Throw together one Harman walking rail, one balance board, one balance beam, several plastic mats and four young people. The result? Collaboration!


March 2019

Refreshing NCC’s Website

Imagine a website that explains exactly what Natural Creativity is all about to a variety of audiences: families interested in joining us, foundations interested in supporting us, even folks interested in volunteering as Visiting Artists.


February 2019

Building Community through Group Time

Most of the NCC day is spent in a state of controlled creative chaos. “It’s like an exciting beehive!” my mother, Mady, said when she came as a Visiting Artist last week. Our young people direct their own activities, pick their own lunchtime, and generally choose their own adventures.


January 2019

On the Value of (Developmentally Appropriate) Struggle

During two recent parent meetings at NCC, activities designed to engage different conceptual understandings and developmental abilities yielded an almost identical tangential observation: when presented with someone struggling, most people look to alleviate this struggle as quickly as possible.


December 2018

What, Where, Why

A constant challenge (and opportunity!) at NCC is how to manage the flow of information in a fluid community that occupies its space on different days. We use a variety of methods to pass along info: phone calls, texts, email, a Facebook group (“Natural Creativity Center parents”), the Update, and casual conversations during transitions.


November 2018

NCC: What’s In A Name?

What used to be the NC Update has gained another C to represent our complete name: the Natural Creativity Center. We here at NCC are gluttons for intentionality, from the way our space is arranged to how we use language.


October 2018

New Year, Newsletter!

We are a proudly loose environment, where a young person can explore dirt, slime, beads, number theory, Dolltown, problem solving with a friend, and their own snack in a matter of a few hours. As a result, it can be hard to communicate to others what’s going on. Hence, this newsletter!