Homeschooling in Pennsylvania

Families can join the Natural Creativity community and satisfy the compulsory school attendance law by registering a Home Education Program with their local school district. The process is easier than it seems — here are the basic steps:


Prior to the start of the school year — generally by August 1 — send the superintendent of your local school district a notarized letter (also called an affidavit) that says you’re choosing to pursue a Home Education Program.


During the academic year, keep a list of books you use, samples of your young person’s work and other educational highlights. This becomes your portfolio.


At the conclusion of the academic year, meet with an evaluator of your choice who:

a. reviews the portfolio

b. talks with your student

c. gives you a letter to send to your school district (by June 30th) letting them know that “appropriate education is occurring.”

That’s it!  If you have never done this before, the best thing to do is reach out to the local community of homeschoolers and the staff at the Natural Creativity Center, who can help you with each step. If you want to learn about the process in more detail, a great online resource is

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