Welcome to the Natural Creativity Center, an education center for personal development in the areas of Creativity, Compassion, and Collaboration.


We believe that humans are born problem solvers—and naturally creative. Our goal is to build a community that nurtures this skill set, especially because so many aspects of life in our society undermine this development. If we are to create a better world, we must improve the way we relate to one another, starting with what is called “education”. This is purpose, and the essence, of life at NC.

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Our Mission

NC is not a school, especially not in the traditional sense where there is a set curriculum that is imposed on students who are then graded on their ability to get with the program.

Rather, NC is a center for personal education and community development. Our primary service is a program for young people ages 4–17 who come one-to-four days a week as part of their individual educational journey. We also conduct occasional workshops and creative process meetings for adults, both for their personal growth as parents and for improvement for anyone interested in improving a group’s creative process.

For both populations, we focus on practical behaviors that foster the three Cs of Creativity, Collaboration and Compassion.

For our young people, in place of a standardized curriculum, we offer a wide range of resources—raw materials, adult facilitators, ideas for projects, games, other youths, visiting artists, and time: time to experience and experiment, to pursue individual interests. Everything that we offer is provided for the purpose of helping to develop processes for learning, for solving problems, for working constructively with others and for resolving conflicts.

The processes can all be generalized to any setting or circumstance. They are built on a foundation of the freedom of choice, including the freedom to pursue one’s own ideas and plans as deeply as one would like. (Read more about our process here.) NC is a place where young people can play and work within a community that challenges and supports their growth while simultaneously respecting the universal need for autonomy. 


Our Community


As part of our broader mission, we also offer on-going support to parents through workshops, networking and other opportunities for connection making. Similar workshops on the creative process, collaborative meeting facilitation, and partnership education can be arranged for other local groups and organizations as disparate as parents of toddlers and community development organizations. We believe that education is not bound by time or location, and as such, we look to explore new ways to expand opportunities and connections within and beyond our immediate


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Youths of color


Our Approach

Natural Creativity is grounded in a respect for the innate human drive to learn and create meaning. Our methods and processes build on this drive to maximize each individual’s likelihood of success in the context of a collaborative community. Our approach honors the needs, rights, and interests of all community members as we work together to accomplish more than any of us could alone.

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Making NC Work

Natural Creativity is a non-profit organization. We expect families to pay whatever part of our regular fee they can manage. Where needed, we work to provide the balance in financial support. Individuals and organizations who share our commitment to making self-directed learning available to any young person regardless of socio-economic status are invited to partner with us in any of several ways: through financial investment, material contributions, or volunteerism, among others. Please let us know if you have any additional ideas to help us thrive.

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