Imagine a world where young people have the power to decide what and how they learn.

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This world exists at the Natural Creativity Center, an education center for families who choose an alternative to school.

Humans are naturally creative. At NCC, we focus on developing this creativity—as well as compassion and collaboration—among our young people and community members so they can build a life of self-direction, purpose, and fulfillment.



Self-directed education is for everyone. At NCC, young people develop their innate ability to think flexibly and meet challenges creatively.

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We make a continuous effort to build a culture that supports the development of Creativity, Compassion, and Collaboration (our 3 Cs). This culture embraces diversity and balance, inviting all members of our community—current and future—to feel celebrated for who they are and who they would like to be.

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The wellbeing of the individual is interdependent with the wellbeing of her community. NCC commits wholeheartedly to serving Lower Germantown specifically, and Philadelphia as a whole, in social justice, equity, and positive development.

This commitment shapes our efforts on every scale, from the way we communicate with each other internally to the way we hire new team members and welcome new families to the way we grow with and in our neighborhood.

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Making NC Work

Natural Creativity is a non-profit organization. We expect families to pay what they are able, and we work to provide the rest in financial support. Individuals and organizations who support our commitment to making self-directed learning available to any young person — regardless of their socioeconomic status — are invited to donate money or support Natural Creativity in other ways.

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