Who should apply to NCC?

Our community comprises an enormous range of backgrounds, educational experiences, goals and skills.

Its members, however, share several culture-defining characteristics. We define “culture” broadly to include families who:

  • wish to promote natural and self-directed learning

  • value a racially and economically balanced community

  • welcome the opportunity to work in active partnership with NCC facilitators to support learning, growth, and development


Does your son or daughter exhibit any of the following behaviors?

  • She comes home from school tired or frustrated, or feigns sickness to avoid going to school

  • He is stressed about grades and test scores, or seems more concerned about how he is doing in the eyes of his teacher than what he is absorbing from the lessons

  • She is preoccupied with gaining acceptance from her peers

  • He gets reprimanded for failing to pay attention in class or complete assignments on time

  • She seems unexcited about exploring new things or working on creative projects; she has little interest in reading for pleasure

If you can relate to any of these, or have similar concerns, we invite you to continue your exploration of the Natural Creativity Center.


Is NCC a good fit for your family?

All families with young people enrolled at NCC:

  • Have young people whose age ranges from 4 to 17

  • Are willing to pay a program fee based on their ability to do so (read about our Family Support Program)

  • Provide transportation or use public transportation (the #23 and #65 buses stop at our front door)


Is NCC a good fit for your young person?

A young person will benefit most from attending the Natural Creativity Center if:

  • She has an active learning style; she prefers to participate rather than to simply watch, and to discuss rather than listen only passively

  • He resists a one-size-fits-all approach to learning; he prefers to follow his own interests rather than waiting to be told what to study, and how and when to learn

  • She has special interests that she doesn’t have the opportunity to pursue due to the schedule restraints of compulsory schooling


Is “home” schooling right for your family?

The Pennsylvania Home Education Law allows young people to attend NCC instead of school. The requirements of this law are easy to follow, and if you would like, NCC can walk you through the process so you can determine if it is right for your family.


Meet some young people who have thrived at NCC: