Is Natural Creativity a Good Fit for Your Family?


The NC community comprises an enormous range of backgrounds, educational experiences, goals and skills. Its members, however, share several culture-defining characteristics. We define “culture” broadly to include families who:

  • wish to promote natural and self-directed learning

  • value a racially and economically balanced community

  • Welcome the opportunity to work in active partnership with both their young people and NC facilitators to support the youth’s education

Are You Eligible to Apply?

A young person is welcome to apply if he/she:

  • is age 4 to 17

  • is not currently enrolled in traditional school, or if still enrolled is planning to withdraw from traditional school (see: “Home” Schooling).

  • has an education plan that includes--but is not limited to--Natural Creativity

  • has family support, including tuition and transportation.

You might enjoy the Natural Creativity Center if:

  • You like being in charge of your own learning

  • You like to learn by doing: by building, exploring, experimenting, sharing, and inventing

  • You also like to learn by asking, discussing, observing, questioning, speculating and collaborating

  • You prefer to follow your own interests rather than always being told what to study, how and when to learn

  • You resist being tested all the time and being subjected to other people’s agendas (as long as you are not interfering with theirs)

  • You have some special interests that you currently don’t have time to pursue due to the press of compulsory schooling

Parents and Guardians of Young People

As a parent, you are likely to be interested in The Natural Creativity Center for your son or daughter shows one or more of the following signs:

  1. He/She comes home tired and cranky, often frustrated or angry.

  2. He/She seems stressed out about grades and test scores.

  3. He/She is more concerned about how he/she is doing in the eyes of the teacher than what is being presented in school.

  4. He/She is anxious about being accepted by peers, bullied and harrassed, including physically.

  5. He/She is getting into trouble for distracting others, for not completing assignments, for skipping school, etc.

  6. He/She feigns sickness and wants to stay home more than occasionally.

  7. He/She is frustrated that there is no time to play or pursue favorite interests due to the amount of schoolwork and homework that are assigned.

  8. He/She is more fixated on designer labels and “what the other kids are wearing/doing” than on his/her learning.

  9. He/She seems to have lost a sense of excitement about exploring new things, construction projects, creating in general.

  10. He/She is showing a diminished interest in reading on his/her own and anything that isn’t going to be on some test.

  11. He/She simply seems to dance to the beat of his/her own drum and is naturally self-motivated to pursue his/her own interests, which conflict with the regimen of Schooling.

From a more positive perspective, you as a parent may be interested in checking out Natural Creativity for your son or daughter if:

  • You want your young person to grow in a peaceful environment composed of a diverse community representing families from different socio-economic levels, ethnicities and skin color.

  • You want your young person to be self-regulated and self-motivated and to exercise ownership over his/her life and education.

  • You value highly Natural Creativity’s 3 Cs: Creativity,  Compassion and Collaboration.

  • You believe in the value of learning by doing, by creating and reflecting more than merely memorizing and regurgitating.

  • You believe that education should be about pursuing one’s interests rather than other simply praise and prizes.

  • You share NC’s mission of encouraging positive relationships among people from all backgrounds regardless of economic status, religious beliefs, ethnicity or color.

  • You want to be actively involved in your youth’s education in a positive way, and you would value the partnership of other adults in that endeavor.