Our Mission


to create and sustain a racially and socio-economically balanced community, developing the skills of Creativity, Collaboration, and Compassion


Our Vision


a community that includes at least 40% youth of color, with half of all families paying between 1% and 50% of the regular program fee


How can we afford to run NC on so little earned income?

The answer comes in three parts:


Program Fees


Program fees that families pay cover approximately 25% of our operating costs

Foundation Grants

Foundation grants currently cover the next 50%. 

We are constantly on the search for foundations that are interested in transforming the definition of education from one of uninvited and compulsory instruction to one based on the value of self-directed learning.

Individual Partners

Income from individual will cover the remaining 25% for now. Our goal is to continuously grow our family of donors (whom we think of more as Partners) until we no longer have to rely on foundation support.



Why do people invest in the work of Natural Creativity?

  • They believe that NC can help them achieve their own goals with regard to social justice and the best in education for city youth with limited options for quality education.

  • They believe, as we do, that the skills of Creativity, Collaboration and Compassion will best serve the youth in American society.

Creativity — the ability to create, and when necessary, to invent
Collaboration — the ability to work with others in a way that produces even better results than working alone
Compassion — the ability to see things from another’s point of view, and to validate their needs as being just as important as one’s own, rather than being the source of competition for scarce resources


These skills form the foundation of our work at Natural Creativity. This is what we nurture in our young people as they participate in what we call Partnership Education.


How can people invest in Natural Creativity?



You can volunteer your time and your knowledge and skills.
Contact us to volunteer



You can invest a portion of your financial resources (also
known as money) through what we call our Cluster Strategy.
Learn about Clusters →



You can rummage through your attic or garage, looking for items on our Wish List, to see what might find a new home with us and provide a learning opportunity for our young people.  (Wheels, for example; we love wheels, even if they’re still attached to an old wagon or toy car. Also scales, watches, stethoscopes, metronomes, stopwatches, hardware, pine boards, fabric, buttons, plastic containers…)
See our full Wish List →



You can join one of our teams, largely populated by Natural Creativity parents, and help with Event Planning, Fundraising, Gardening, Nutrition Education or Support Services.
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You can tell others about Natural Creativity, particularly those parents whose young people are not happy in school, or who don’t want even to enroll them in the first place, either due to the social life of most schools or the emphasis on standardized instruction and testing at the expense of individual development. (Refer them to this website or encourage them to schedule a phone call.)


In whatever ways you may choose to contribute to the work of Natural Creativity, you have our heartfelt appreciation. Thank you.