Natural Creativity’s Cluster Strategy

We know how paralyzing it can feel to look at the level of inequality in the city and to wonder “how can I possibly make a difference against such overwhelming odds?”

This thought gave birth to Natural Creativity’s Cluster Strategy. The idea is simply to replicate the process of clustering multiple particles of light into piercing rays, then clustering these rays into a floodlight, which will then be joined with others to make a full array of floodlights—enough to light up a full stadium. This visible support will allow the players on the field (the NC community) to pursue our mission in full force, bringing Creativity, Collaboration and Compassion to bear on the lives of the people we all want to support.


Here’s how the Cluster Strategy works

  • We set our target for each fiscal year based on our projected operating costs. We then divide that amount into Clusters of $1000 each. For the fiscal year 2017-18, that target has been set at $50,000, which therefore represents fifty Clusters.
  • Each Cluster then combines whatever number of investments it takes to equal $1000 for the year. This works out to be $86 a month. This amount of “light” can be generated in any number of ways:
    • by combining the particles of light from many more investors in different denominations of starting at $5/month. Seventeen investors at this level will be enough to form their own cluster
    • by a single investor whose accumulated particles of light total $1000 over the course of the year by way of twelve monthly investments of $86
    • by combining the particles of light from recurring monthly investments from three separate investors—one at $50/month, one at $25/month, and one at $11/month—for the year
  • Of course, there is always the option of investors choosing to create their own floodlights by investing enough to complete more than one cluster. Investments of $2000, $3000, $5000 $10,000 help us get the field fully lit that much faster.

Whatever level of investment works for you, however, is enough to help us fulfill the mission of improving the lives of the families and youth of Philadelphia. Never underestimate the power of your particle of light, and know at whatever level you participate, you are helping to defeat the darkness.

Please let your light shine.