How to Apply

First chat with us on the phone, then visit us in person.

Step 1: Schedule a phone call


Schedule a short (15-minute) phone conversation with Executive Director Christopher Steinmeier. During the call, we will ask about your family’s current situation and interest in NCC and share some important information with you.

Generally, the topics we cover include:

  • The age of your young person(s)

  • Any previous school-type experience (pre-school, co-op, public or charter school, etc.); what you liked and didn’t like about those experiences

  • What you are looking for in your young person’s next venture

  • Any special considerations (such as allergies, medications, an IEP)

  • How you heard about us (we want to make the most of our resources!)

We will also discuss these important points:

  • The NCC program is not full-time. The program is available Monday through Thursday; we prefer young people attend at least two days.

  • We are not able to provide transportation, but NCC is close to SEPTA buses 23 and 65, and is close to the Chestnut East regional rail line.

  • The core philosophy of NCC is self-direction: young people learn through the pursuit of their own interests (not according to an imposed curriculum).

Step 2: Meet us in person.


Schedule a site visit:

  • We will explain our process of Partnership Education, in which NCC works with youth and their parents to create an educational plan together.

  • You will get a chance to share your goals & your young person’s goals in depth.

  • You’ll have an opportunity to see the space and the resources we offer.

  • We will explain our interpretation of “the creative process.”

  • We will discuss finances and the Family Support Program, which can provide significant tuition support. We work to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need.

  • We will answer your questions about establishing a Home Education Program (“home” schooling your young person), which allows young people to attend NCC in accordance with PA education laws.

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