Natural Creativity is becoming a reality with the generous support we have received, and continue to receive, from individuals and organizations. If you would like to learn more about how you can support Natural Creativity, please contact us at partners@naturalcreativity.org or (888) 208-0576. We would like to thank each of the following individuals and organizations for donating their money, materials, expertise and time. We are forever grateful for your belief in our vision and mission!









Major Funding and Support

The Wyncote Foundation is the first foundation to have committed a significant amount of money to Natural Creativity. As of November 1, 2015, they have granted us $257,000 to support conducting a feasibility assessment, completing the planning phase, supporting the costs of the leadership team for year one of operations, and designing, constructing and outfitting our current program space. The feasibility assessment informed the design of our marketing strategies and the location of both our current (temporary) site and our desired future (permanent) site. We have built a leadership team, a Board of Directors and the organizational infrastructure needed to launch programs and services in January 2016. And our current site is good to go in terms of welcoming our young people. As the Lead Foundation for Natural Creativity, Wyncote Foundation deserves our heartfelt appreciation for having the courage and leadership to invest in our vision!


Monetary Support

Below is a list of individuals who showed their commitment to and belief in our vision through donating money before we had a site or launched any programs. We consider each of these individuals trail blazers as they helped create a pathway to helping us realize our vision.


Armstrong, Arden

Brawer, Rickie

Chernett, Nancy

Cornman, Betty

Cornman, Jennifer & Veerendra Lele

Cornman Deborah & Ed Homonoff

Commoss, Patty

Dale, John

Ellis, Barbara

Feldman, Mike

Figliolini, Jessica

Gitlin, Judy and David


Gitomer, Rick

Guman, Elizabeth & Peter

Kirk, AnnMarie

Levy, Alex

Levy, Casey

Menda, Buneka & Justin

Nofer, George

Pappas, Bruce

Perron, Kelly

Prince, Vickie & Rick

Quici, Joanne

Rummery, Dana & Ki

Rugart, Eric

Silcox, Janice

Scott, Timmie

Steinback, Jyl

Steinmeier, Chris

Sywulak, Laura

Tiryak, Edmond

Trotter, Scott & Ethel

Vicks, Randall

Weidner, Robert


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Materials Support

As a new organization, acquiring the materials and supplies needed to create the physical, resource-rich environment young people will engage in at the Natural Creativity Center is critical to making our vision a reality for families in Philadelphia. These organizations and individuals enabled us to build a rich learning environment within the constraints of a limited budget.


  • Lester Harris, Justin McKinstry , Ozzie Molina & Ana Reyes, Home Depot: The staff at Home Depot played a huge role in our successful opening, particularly in regards to building our environment, our forum seating, our shelves, and our woodshop. We were offered a discount on our materials by Justin McKinstry, the manager on duty, and several other team members followed through by ensuring we received this discount on subsequent purchases, including Ozzie Molina and Lester Harris. The star, who guided us through the process and continued to look for ways to help, was Ana Reyes. Ana provided a great deal of continuity as we visited the store on a number of occasions, and she made sure we were always in good hands. Thank you all so much!
  • Victoria Brattini and Alex Fedorak: six bookcases and two desks with matching chairs plus multiple books for both adults and youth
  • Barbara Billings: teak tables and tabletops plus wood for the woodshop
  • Jen Bradley: Coral Coast Garden Center with Tray, Lego Table, gymnastics mat, multiple games, art supplies, writing supplies, packaging  materials
  • Steve Kurtz Construction Company: 84 board feet of new pine lumbar


Expertise and Time Support

Another important way for individuals to support an organization is to provide their unique and valuable expertise and time.


  • Vickie Prince, Director ShenderGraphix (www.shendergraphix.com):  Thank you Vickie for using your creative talents and donating many hours to design and continually update a beautiful website for Natural Creativity.  Thank you also for helping us to create posters and signs for our new site. Whenever we ask you to help us, you respond immediately and with joy. You are a great friend and a beautiful human being.
  • Megan Hoffman, Brittany McCollum, and Dan & Marika Snook: Thank you all for hosting three of the six parent focus groups we conducted to gain a deeper understanding of families’ educational needs and wishes for their children. With your support, we were able to expand our geographic reach of families.
  • Matt Browning, Linda Conley, Milena Davidova, Marcella DeRosa, Denis DeRosa, Barbara Ellis, Christine Ginsburg, Yasmin Hassan, Megain Hoffman, Kasia Janick, Eirini Kalafatides, Michelle Lofton, Robin Marcoccia, Brittany McCollum, Rebecca Minei, Marea Palmer-Loh, Jessica Perkins, Cecilia Chapa Phillips,Shanita Riley-Miles, Dana Rummery, Christy Santoro, Dan & Mariko Snook, Merdith Warner, Julie Wilgus: Thank you for attending our parent focus groups. Your input, feedback, perspectives and wishes informed and helped shape the design and operations of the Natural Creativity Center.
  • Linda Conley, Leroy Fisher, Bernadette Jones, Majeedah Rashid, Jorge Santana, Meg Wise, & Allison Weiss: Thank you for helping spread the word about Natural Creativity through your listservs and networks.

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"There are no haves and have-nots.

We are all haves and our assets are diverse. In the alchemy of collaboration, we become equal partners, we create wholeness and sufficiency for everyone."


Lynne Twist, "The Soul of Money"

Natural Creativity Center: First United Methodist Church of Germantown

6001 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144  |  Tel.: (888) 208-0576


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