A family’s educational choices do not occur in a vacuum, and because we recognize this, we provide a number of different services to support those choices.  In most cases, we are able to provide the service ourselves; when we cannot, members of the NC Network are able to provide them.  Our goal, as always, is to increase the likelihood of success for individuals, families, and the community.









All services described below are included in the program fees.


Early Morning / Extended Day (all ages)

8:00 - 9:00 am / 3:00 - 6:00 pm

To provide support to families who have extenuating circumstances, Natural Creativity (NC) will open to young people prior to first program start time, and remain open after regular program hours for an additional fee.  Fees will be based on family ability to pay.  Young people are invited to bring their own healthy snacks and/or breakfast, and as needed, NC will provide these.


Preliminary Vision and Hearing Screening

Every young person who joins our community will receive a free vision and hearing screening before the first day of programs.  This screening is intended to identify interference of normal functioning and determine if further action is required, including referral to a developmental ophthalmologist in the NC network.  Recent research suggests that many young people who moved into special education classes and/or were identified as academically behind grade level are actually dealing with vision or hearing issues that have gone undiagnosed.  At NC, we are committed to addressing the needs of our young people, which begins with a proper assessment of sensory function.


Portfolio Evaluations

NC employs evaluators on staff to aid families in navigating homeschooling paperwork and filing, including regular meetings to plan, check in, and evaluate portfolios.  NC can support families in filing procedures, and, as needed, will coordinate with network partners to ensure families are in compliance.


Parent Workshops

Held once a month, parent workshops provide opportunities for NC families to meet, share information and resources, and learn more about topics relating to NC, including homeschooling regulations and requirements, conceptual development, creative problem solving, and network opportunities.  Parents are expected to attend 4 workshops per program session (January – June, September – December).


Community Problem Solving

Held at least twice per program session (January – June, September – December), and more often if needed, NC invites members of the community to participate in creative problem solving sessions around issues facing the community.  Members of the community include neighbors – those living or working near NC – families and young people who attend NC, network partners, and invited guests who can contribute to resolving specific issues.  These sessions follow the NC creative problem solving process, described here.


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