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Natural Creativity (NC) is building an urban learning network of organizations that provides resources identified as crucial to long term success for all families, and is committed to a holistic educational approach that starts with self-direction.  NC will work with network partners that result in increased family use of available resources, and experiential-based learning opportunities based on the interests of young people.









A New Meaning to Open Education


Natural Creativity (NC) will collaborate with organization members of the learning network to expand and deepen the learning experiences that NC provides to young people and families.  This rich network of diverse experiential learning activities expands the learning environment, and offers ample opportunities to engage in programs and services provided by youth development organizations throughout Philadelphia.  Through the network, young people are able to experiment, explore and pursue their interests in the context of a vibrant and diverse city. For example, if a group of young people want to learn more about monkeys, NC will work with the Philadelphia Zoo to create expeditions to the zoo that provides meaningful learning experiences with the monkeys. These experiences will be brought back to the NC Center where they will reflect on their experiences and determine further how they would like to deepen their learning. Older youth (teens), working in creative design teams, will use NC’s creative problem-solving process to plan, implement and test new solutions to make programs and services at network organizations more relevant and attractive to teens.


In our approach to development, the constraining and isolating walls of the classroom are replaced by the vast resources and diverse population of the city.  Open education takes on a new meaning. Collaboration, rather than competition, is a central principle and practice as young people dream, play, work, and learn together in partnership with adults to create novel and useful ideas and solutions.  Through meaningful shared experiences, we continually nurture compassion for others regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and socioeconomic class. Thus, creativity, collaboration, and compassion represent the foundation for success within ourselves and our community.

Natural Creativity Center: First United Methodist Church of Germantown

6001 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144  |  Tel.: (888) 208-0576


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