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NEWSLETTER — February 2016

  • Inaugural session of programs launches!
  • Learn more about what our young people are up to and what our  plans are.


Welcome to the Natural Creativity Center, where young people explore their interests in a supportive and stimulating environment!  Our youths have so far transformed our space to a doctor's office, travel agency, restaurant, art studio, medieval castle, and a system of caverns and tunnels.  The teens have been engaged in learning the creative process while developing plans to pursue their short and long term educational goals.  We look forward to deeper community development and engagement, as well as meaningful learning in important academic areas, such as mathematics, writing, and science, all while having fun!









Activities Abound As Groups Form

  • In our woodshop, young people have designed and built lap desks, mini skate parks, and a number of toys and games.  One youth created a play house for his toys, which included multiple floors and a hinged wall (for easy access).
  • Working in teams, youths figured out how to use cloth curtains to score on the basketball court.
  • Young people transformed our 2 level play environment into a doctor's office, a restaurant, an airport, a store, a clubhouse, and a series of tunnels and caves.




Growing from one youth’s idea into a group project, the domino run included curves, branches, bridges, and spirals.  More important than the design was the process of working together and sorting out the challenges.

Process Consciousness: Our focus is on the HOW and the WHY rather than the WHAT

During one activity, 2 youth traced their bodies on butcher paper and began talking about how they would decorate the drawings.  One boy, age 5, decided he would draw his internal organs, beginning with the brain.  The other boy, age 9, suggested the brain be colored grey, and the first boy disagreed.  After some discussion, the 5 year old decided to get a human anatomy book with detailed pictures of the brain.  The boys found the brain, talked about the different colors they saw in the picture, then perused the rest of the book to read about other organs.


In the story above, and in so many other interactions at NCC, the facilitator does not intervene with the “correct” answer; doing so would both interrupt the self-directed education that grew from the young people’s conversation and would reinforce the belief that the teacher holds all the knowledge.  At NCC, we trust in the inherent curiosity and problem solving ability of young people.

Natural Creativity Is Part Of A Documentary

On Open Education


During our first week, filmmakers observed the initial meetings of each group and captured a number of wonderful moments.  In particular, when a material fell into  the space behind a wall-mounted easel, teens in Group B worked together to design, build, and use a device to retrieve the material.  The filmmakers will be checking back in to see how the groups develop.

Development Corner


"There are no haves and have-nots. We are all haves and our assets are diverse. In the alchemy of collaboration, we become equal partners, we create wholeness and sufficiency for everyone."


Lynne Twist

"The Soul of Money”

Building a Sustainable, Diverse

Community of Families


The Natural Creativity Center (NCC) is a private, non-profit organization. Our services are paid for by a combination of program fees (paid by member families), foundation grants and individual donations. Program fees reflect the actual cost of providing these services. At the same time, we recognize that they are beyond the reach of many families. It is our vision that any young person, regardless of his/her socioeconomic status, will be able to enjoy the many opportunities and benefits that the NCC offers.

Ongoing Efforts to Realize Our Vision

Sponsor-a-Family Fund

2016 Goal: Raise $25,000

Amount Raised to Date: $8,960


We have created the Sponsor-a-Family Fund to help us build a sustainable, diverse community of families. A sponsor is an individual, a business, or a group of individuals such as an extended family, professional group, fraternity, or church who donate money to support the costs of a young person coming to the Natural Creativity Center.  Since January 4, 2016, two families and one business have invested in the Fund.


For more information about the Fund, please click here or contact Diane Cornman-Levy at; (888)208-0576.

Annual Campaign

2016 Goal: Raise $15,000

Amount Raised to Date: $9,079


We conducted our first annual campaign during the months of November and December, 2015. Money raised from the campaign helps cover general operating costs, such as rent, insurance, program supplies/materials and food for snacks. Thanks to the 40 individuals who supported our efforts to build the foundation of Natural Creativity!


We are continually working on securing more donations to reach our 2016 goal!

NC Development Committee at Work


In winter of 2015, we formed a Development Committee of three individuals who are currently working on designing & implementing a strategic development plan for NC.


If you are interested in learning more about the Committee and/or joining the Committee, please contact Diane Cornman-Levy; or call (888)208-0576.


Natural Creativity Wish List


We are committed to developing and maintaining a rich environment full of opportunities to explore, express, and experiment. As such, we are constantly on the look out for materials, supplies, and partnerships. Click our Wish List to see our list of needed items.


If you would like to donate, or have information about low-cost ways to acquire, anything on this list, please contact Christopher Steinmeier to make arrangements.

Natural Creativity Center: First United Methodist Church of Germantown

6001 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144  |  Tel.: (888) 208-0576


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